Venezuelan COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund

by Giving Children Hope

Since 2016, Giving Children Hope has been at the forefront of the Venezuelan crisis, providing nutritious food and aid to children and families affected by the severe humanitarian disaster. The political and economic downfall of this once prosperous country has left the entire nation of Venezuela without access to food, medical care, and hope of a future.

Because of this life-threatening reality, over five million Venezuelan men, woman and children have fled their homeland in search of survival. These problems have been amplified by the spread of COVID-19, which has slowed the world’s economy and put the most vulnerable people at risk of serious illness and death. 

Now, more than ever, Venezuelans need our help. The need is real and urgent. The location of this crisis may seem like a distant problem for others to solve, but we CAN make a difference.

For every $1 given, 5 nutritious, life-sustaining meals will help feed hungry Venezuelans.

Together, we can create change. 

Together, we can instill hope.

Donate today to join the movement and help feed our Venezuelan brothers and sisters.

When you give a donation to this campaign, a portion of your gift may also help provide shipping costs, basic need relief items, and other related essentials as needed.

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