by Giving to the Nations


Raymond and Irene live in Racine, Wisconsin, with their adult children (son, daughter-in-law, and daughter) and 5 grandchildren, ages 8 to 2 years old (including twin 4-year-old girls). Their income consists primarily of Raymond’s disability Social Security, Irene’s retirement Social Security and the 10-15 hours per week Irene manages to fit in as an in-home call center representative when she is not caring for her 2-year-old granddaughter and 4-year-old twin granddaughters. Their son and daughter-in-law continually contribute to the household expenses. Their daughter is contributing as she is able, but as Irene put it, she is “getting back on her feet”. Raymond and Irene’s household is living from check to check. 

In 2016 Raymond suffered 2 heart attacks followed with a double by-pass which left him with many broken teeth and unrelenting tooth pain. Because their Medicare does not pay for dental procedures, Raymond has been enduring the pain, until he finally could not. The $400.00 emergency tooth extraction (October 2018) cut into their budget leaving them with no money left for food or necessary non-food items until their next checks arrived. We were there to help FILL THE GAP. 

Help us FILL THE GAP for many others. 

Unfortunately, Raymond and Irene are not alone. There are many people living from check to check. Our Community Outreach Center/Food Pantry is in an area of Racine where the average yearly income is $10,691. Putting healthy food on their tables is often a luxury. They are eating for survival. 

Low-income families also endure challenges securing critical non-food items such as hygiene products and basic household goods. In order to secure these items many families cut back on food, borrow, stretch, substitute and often do without. 

Many people struggling to FILL THE GAP are our family members and friends. But because of the shame that often comes with not being able to “make ends meet”, they struggle in silence.


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