937 Delivers Cooperative

by CO-OP Dayton

Co-ops are about community. It's about providing services that benefit the community. With your support, we're able to further this mission and effect even more lives and businesses.

In our first 18 days of operations we have:

Provided 1134 deliveries for local restaurants

Generated $33,914.12 in additional revenue for our restaurant partners.

Kept $11,304.70 in the community as opposed to other third party delivery services.

Employed over 25 unemployed or under employed restaurant workers.

...and these number keep growing everyday.

Many people have asked how they can further support 937 Deliver Co-op in our mission of adding more restaurants, delivery range, and drivers, equitably with 100% of the proceeds staying in our community. 

Well, unfortunately we can't accept volunteer drivers but we can accept financial donations!

We're excited to announce our "Brick In The Road Honoring Sponsor"

This simple one time donation of $20 - $100 goes to advancing the development of our service, allowing us to take on more restaurant partners, expand our delivery area, and much more. 

With your sponsorship, you’ll receive a “Brick” on our website honoring anyone you choose! 

We're offering three different bricks depending on the level of support you would like to offer:

Bronze Brick: One time $20 donation

Silver Brick: One time $50 donation

Gold Brick: One time $100 donation

If you're interested in making a larger donation or are interested in our brand sponsorship program please email us at 937delivers@gmail.com

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