Doorstep DanceMart Fundraiser

by Haitian American Caucus

H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory has partnered with Haitian American Caucus (HAC) and E.A.T. Initiative to fundraise $20,000 for the Doorstep DanceMart® {BETA Launch}! With your gracious support, we are committed to delivering a months-worth (valued at $500) of groceries, sanitary supplies, and toiletries to 1000 dancers for 12-months straight! 

Before our global pandemic hit, 3 in 4 dancers in NYC were already living below the poverty line, and could not afford to buy food and groceries on their low monthly budgets. COVID-19 created rifts in the arts industry, causing millions of organizations and communities to shut down completely. As such, dancers are experiencing even greater levels of poverty, food insecurity and inadequate medical assistance. 

In 2015, our global dance NGO launched DanceMart®, a 6-year old, pro-bono, dancer-run, grocery supplementation program created by H+ | Founder Safi A. Thomas. It was a monthly, live DJ’ed party where all dancers could get free groceries, cooking lessons, and connect in the cypher. Due to COVID-19, we have evolved the program to Doorstep DanceMart®, a grocery delivery service for dancers! 

Support long-term stability for NYC dancers during and past COVID-19. Thank you for your incredible support in fostering Dance Sustainability.®

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