Leadership Academy Initiative, Hinche-Haiti



The Leadership Academy Program 


The program is intended to provide learning experiences to a cohort of 30 leaders in Hinche, Haiti. To promote business development, entrepreneurship, community leadership. All courses will be delivered remotely by U.S. based experts who are to be replaced by local teachers after 3 years.


1. Implement learning modules for speaking and listening, grammar, and writing.

Objective: To provide local cohort leaders with the ability to communicate in English by December 2021.

Success measure: 80% of the cohort leaders have reached an advanced level of English proficiency

2. Design and implement teaching modules about leadership principles.

Objective: To provide local cohort leaders with strong foundations in leadership principles by December 2021.

Success measure:  80% of cohort leaders adopting leadership principles to the year-end projects. 

3. Demonstrate best practices using digital collaboration, and business productivity using the G-suite platform.

Goal: To expose local students to the use of technology and to improve collaboration amongst team members by June 2021. 

Success measure 90% of cohort leaders are using google application as part of daily work. 

4. Develop learning modules on market analysis, budgeting, marketing, business startups, and operations.

Objective: To provide local leaders with entrepreneurship skills required to start and operate profitable business ventures by December 2021.

Success measure: 80% of cohort leaders having passed standardized testing with a score of 85%.

5. Develop learning modules on introduction to project management.

Objective: To provide local leaders with the basic foundations and skill set to implement projects with international standards by September 2021.

Success measure:  80% of cohort leaders demonstrating the ability to implement projects within the set scope, time, quality, and budget standards.  


The Leadership Academy is designed to develop local leaders in a holistic way so that they can transform adversity into opportunities. We have taken our first steps and have established a solid foundation, identified the requirements, done some pilots, gather research, and data validation. We worked with the community and established key stakeholders, built partnerships, and collaborated with the local leaders to understand the needs of the community. With your assistance, we are ready for the next phase of this exciting journey.

One of the major pillars of our methods is to provide learning experiences that will foster collaborative leadership. The cohort will be divided into teams so that they can learn team dynamics, leadership roles, and processes.

During the first year, local teachers will assist the lead teachers. During the second year, the local teachers’ assistants will take a more active teaching role while the U.S. teachers will be playing a supportive, and evaluative role. During the third year, local teachers will become the lead teachers while U.S. based teachers will continue to play an advisory and evaluative role. 


U.S. experts lead instructions 

  • Courses start: Jan 2021
  • Courses end: Dec 2021

Local teachers lead instructions

  • Jan 2022- Ongoing
  • Courses available online 

1. Local leaders reduced extreme poverty in rural communities in Hinche by 95% in 10 years.

2. Local leaders are creating businesses locally, stimulating the local economic development 

3. Local leaders have built a modern agriculture farm in Hinche by 2025

4. Local leaders are providing civic education to the population in Hinche, so they can protect their environment and elect effective leaders

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