Leadership Academy Initiative, Hinche-Haiti


Your contribution is providing a scholarship of $1800 per year to 20 students to learn leadership, project management, business productivity skills 

Building the capacity of the local leaders in HAITI is the most important legacy you can leave for your country, because once their capacity is built, those local leaders will be able to shape their own future, transform their communities and change their country in a sustainable way

The need

Monthly operation cost: $3000

Each student benefit a scholarship for 1800$ for the year

The direct personal cost to run the program

Rodney Moise: 200$ a month

  • English teacher

Marc Arthur Esperance: 200$ a month

  • English teacher 

Enel Ariste: 200$ a month

  • Program coordinator

Junior Cherilus: 200 $ month

  • Program director

Direct non-personal cost

Internet access: 50$ a month

Electricity, water, zoom teleconference: 150$ a month

Total cost:

1000$ a month to run the leadership academy program in Hinche, Haiti

HAITILEVE INC-In-kind Contributions

English teacher: GiGi Darko

Volunteer: 50$ per hour x 4 hours a week = 800$ per month

Leadership, business productivity teacher: Michel Jeannot MD

Volunteer: 50$ per hour x 4 hrs a week= 800$ per month

Project management teacher: Larry Boursiquot

Volunteer: 50$ per hour x 2hrs a week=400$ a month

Total in-kind monthly donation:

All teachers: $2000

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