Bringing Change By Re-Thinking The Way We Educate In Haiti


Our initiatives are designed to build the capacity of local leaders so they can transform their communities in a sustainable way

Together we can change everything in Haiti!

Haiti Leve’s mission is to help develop the leadership capacity of a group of local leaders in Hinche, Haiti through reskilling, upskilling, and changed behaviors. These leaders will be equipped to creatively solve problems in their rural communities with character, integrity, altruism, and discipline.

Explore the impact of your donation in Hinche, Haiti

A) Your contribution is lifting families out of poverty in Hinche, Haiti. 

PROGRAM 1: Build 5 duck farms one farm for each family in Rural Hinche, Haiti, where each of the 5 beneficiary families will raise 20 ducks 

( This project is sponsored by the Digicel Foundation)

As of 5/4/2021

  • Family 1: The project is completed
  • Family 2: The project is 98% completed
  • Family 3: The project is 90% completed
  • Family 4: The project is 40% completed
  • Family 5: The project is 5% completed.

PROGRAM 2: HAITILEVE is building a farm to raise 100 ducks plus an aquaponic system, that will benefit the local administrative team

( This program is sponsored by HAITILEVE INC, in part thanks to your monthly contributions)

B)Your contribution is helping one team change a whole community through leadership education. 

  • Perhaps one of the most significant achievements of HAITILEVE INC is to educate and train a group of local leaders to become independent thinkers, team builders, successful entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate and lead their community to succeed.


Expected project impact

  • At the end of the course, the students will be able to integrate technology in their daily activities
  • Start and operate profitable business ventures
  • Implement projects with international standards
  • Organize, educate and develop their communities
  • Communicate in English 
  • Become educators to teach those disciplines 

HAITILEVE is teaching local leaders how to catch a fish! we are helping them create social business ventures in Haiti.

BUSINESS 1: Bar-Restaurant- Providing 5 full-time jobs, and part-time jobs, and help cover part of Haiti-Leve operation costs in Haiti. 

BUSINESS 2: Printing and Marketing social business-Providing 3 full-time jobs, a service greatly needed to the community and generating revenue to cover part of Haiti-Leve operational cost in Haiti. 

Be part of history-making!

Let's help the local leaders in Hinche, transformed their communities, and change their country  

Enjoy tax-deductible donations while you are eliminating poverty one family at a time in Hinche, Haiti. 

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