Donate monthly to help the local leaders in Hinche, Haiti, transform their communities.


Our initiatives are designed to build the capacity of local leaders so they can transform their communities in a sustainable way

Together we can change everything in Haiti!

We are working to mentor, coach, support, and guide the local leaders in Hinche. Through these efforts, we will ensure that Hinche leaders are equipped to shape their own future, transform their communities and change their country in a sustainable way. We invite you to join hands with us! Our goal is to seek and use everyone's perspectives, experiences, strengths, talents, expertise so we can prevent project failure and produce a greater impact in Haiti. 

If we are able to achieve all our objectives, the end product will be a COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED HAITI! These objectives will economically benchmark the Singapour path while building educational foundations focused on a culture of collaboration and community empowerment. Your investment will be added to the strong foundations that we have laid over the past year in Hinche-Haiti. If we work together, we can achieve our objective much faster. We are creating a goal-oriented education system approach with practice-based learning through our leadership academy. We are creating a process and a system capable of transforming ordinary individuals into extraordinary leaders. Those leaders, in turn, will implement sounds economic policies to lift up their country out of poverty.

Explore the impact of your donation in Hinche, Haiti

A)Initiatives to boost the national production in Hinche, Haiti

  1. Your contribution is supporting local beekeepers to improve bee farming conditions in Hinche.Haiti


Expected project impact 

  • Estimated Startup cost:10000
  • Beneficiary: Cooperative of  40 beekeepers in the community of Juanaria, Hinche,HAITI 
  • Estimate yearly revenue for 1 beehive: $240 per year 
  • Estimated honey production per year increased from 3 gallons to 7 to 10 gallons.

B)Initiatives to promote leadership development in Hinche, Haiti

  • Your contribution is helping selected local leaders receive academic courses in the field of leadership, strategic planning, project management, English and technology so they can become agents of change


Expected project impact

  • Project startup already covered by Haitileve Board of Directors: $10,000
  • Project monthly operation cost: $500
  • Enrolled students: 5
  • The estimated value of scholarship received per student: $2000 per year ( This cost is calculated at an estimated rate of 50$/hr per teacher)
  • Competencies in the first year: English, Leadership development, Strategic planning, Basics of project management, basics of business productivity
  • Competencies in the second year:  A) Entrepreneurship pathway: Accounting, Business administration, marketing B) Community development pathway: Rural law, sociology, advance project management

C)Initiatives to Promote Community Participation and Civic Engagement 

PROJECT 1:Local leaders buying local and distributing 70 kits of sanitary products to the hospitalized patient in need.

PROJECT 2: Local leaders organizing town hall civic education initiatives

PROJECT 3: Leadership academy students organizing adult literacy initiatives

D) Income Generating Activities- Building Social Business Ventures

BUSINESS 1: Bar-Restaurant- Providing 5 full-time jobs, and part-time jobs, and help cover part of Haiti-Leve operation cost in Haiti. 

BUSINESS 2: Printing and Marketing social business-Providing 3 full-time jobs, a service greatly needed to the community and generating revenue to cover part of Haiti-Leve operational cost in Haiti. 

Our Greatest Need

The local leaders in Haiti have been working tirelessly 7 days a week with no salary, they have been implementing projects benefiting the local community. They recently distributed 70 kits of sanitary products to hospitalized patients in Hinche, Haiti, and currently, they are working to support 40 beekeepers improving the honey production.

While we invest heavily in creating a social business venture in Haiti, so the organization can achieve financial sustainability we continue to rely on your monthly donations to build the leadership academy curriculum online, train the trainee, support our civic education initiatives, and help us keep our doors open in Haiti. 

Be part of history-making. Let's help the local leaders in Hinche, transformed their communities and change their country  

Enjoy tax-deductible donations while you are eliminating poverty one family at a time in Hinche, Haiti. 

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