Support our Vulnerable Clients with Online Music Sessions!

by Heart & Hope Music

Heart and Hope Music offers a unique musical program of love, comfort, hope and healing by enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable people, elders and those with special needs.  

We are not working right now due to the Corona Virus and the resulting closure of the facilities to outside personnel.  

Though our musicians are not officially deemed essential personnel... we feel that we are ESSENTIAL.  Our musicians help lift spirits out of depression, loneliness and isolation.

We are creating a new, online version of our program.  This way, our clients can be served and still feel connected.  

We need money to:

  • purchase cameras, sound, and streaming equipment;
  • pay our Music Facilitators/Therapists; 
  • hire individuals for support functions like bookkeeping and leadership.

You CAN help!  Please help us reach some of the most vulnerable during this time.  Any amount is appreciated!

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