COVID-19 Relief Phase II

by Helping India Together

As Covid-19 has intensified in India, food shortages persist and new struggles in education and mental health have emerged. We are thus initiating Phase II of our Covid-19 Relief plan. 

1. Poor and marginalized people continue to have little access to food and are still at risk of starvation. $30 provides food for a family of 5 for an entire month and $100 supports the salaries of the workers delivering food, health care and veterinary care.

2. Nursing school and high school students must now obtain their education remotely. However, the rural and poor students we support have no access to the internet. Only $150 will provide a student with a smart phone and on-line access that will enable them to continue in school, and $100 supports teacher salaries which have not been paid for 3 months.

3. The crisis has dramatically increased anxiety and depression resulting in a tremendous increase in suicide. A gift of $200 will go toward supplying materials needed to train hundreds of counselors and to provide expanded online counseling infrastructure.

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