HART's Share the Care "Kiss My ..." Valentine's Campaign-City Spot

by Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds (HART)


What in the name of love are we up to??

Have you ever experienced a love-gone-wrong? If so, now is your time to have some fun and put some closure on any lingering resentment! By donating today you can "kiss" those bad feelings away once and for all by telling your ex "Kiss My ..." When you donate to City Spot (Cicero) there will be simple instructions in your thank you email to send your exes name to Andria.Runyon@hartforhorses.org. Then, we will send you via email a symbolic photo of Cicero's rear end with big ol' fat kiss marks that include your exes name!

HART will be running this “cheeky” and fun event through Valentines Day weekend (02/16/20) to raise money for each of the horse's dental work, coggins test, vaccinations, and other veterinary needs throughout the year.

Although, Cicero is fortunate enough to not have any previous injuries or concerns anyone with horses knows having a bit of an emergency reserve can get you through those unexpected issues that can arise quickly. Horses in work can often times benefit from chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and medications or supplements. These funds can help provide such care as directed by our veterinarian that sits on our board.

Every year for the last six years Dr. Hyde and The American School of Equine Dentistry located in VA graciously visits HART and treats our horses at a deeply discounted rate.

With your donations, Dr. Hyde's discounts, and the support of Newman Equine and Associates, we can ensure each horse, including Cicero, is getting the best care possible that will set him/her up for future success.

No doubt, Cicero is grateful for your support and much obliged she can you help with this cathartic release! 

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