by Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds

About this campaign

Each year thousands of thoroughbreds are ending their racing careers and are left with no place to go.  The good news is the racing industry and organizations like HART are spreading awareness and gaining new support every year to help these horses transition to new careers.  The bad news is there is still much work to be done.  But, that's where you can help! 

HART works hard every day to give these horses a safety net by providing them with care and training that improves their chances at new homes.  We have helped about 150 horses to date, and your generosity is the biggest reason for our success! 

This Valentine's Day we are asking that you share your HART by supporting the ongoing care of our off the track thoroughbreds.  $10 will feed a horse for a day, $25 will by a bale of hay, $50 will cover dental care, $100 will cover a farrier visit... so bottom line is that any amount can make an impact on these horse's lives!

Please, share your HART today and visit our website at or our Facebook page Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds to learn more about the horses that we help and the many great ways our supporters make us successful in our endeavors. The horses can not be helped without you!

Share your HART with a thoroughbred today! 

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