Give Scottish Culture to an elementary School

by Highland Echoes

How Scotland in the Class is promoting Scottish Culture to the youth.

Scotland In the Class engages students in Scottish culture and traditions in their elementary school classroom or at home in their distant learning programs.

You can contribute to Scotland In The Class which supports a thriving Scottish culture, builds a future generation of people who are interested in Scottish culture and traditions, and will eventually drive an increase in attendance at your Scottish cultural events!

PLUS, All the lessons are prepared and ready for students who are currently learning from home due to COVID-19 restrictions!

With a growing list of over 500 schools that have requested Scottish Culture in their learning environment, we want to help fulfill their desire to share the culture with our future generation.
"It inspired the kids to go beyond the unit and investigate their own heritage, ethnic clothing, and playful solo singing. My principal happened to sit in on one of the lessons and was absolutely fascinated! She loved it!”

It’s imperative to focus on a school-aged, consistent, and sustainable long term program- to create the biggest impact. 

This will assure the long term success and sustainability of Scottish heritage in the US.

With this funding, we are planting if not the first seed, a very early seed in the single largest system in the world. The schools. 

Help us engage the youth in Scottish culture by donating To Scotland In the Class. 

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