Hillsborough Arts Needs You

by Hillsborough Arts Council

Dear Friends,

As an event-driven organization, we have been challenged with finding ways to reach our Hillsborough family while keeping our distance. It is our mission to enrich the community through the arts and for the first time in 35 years, we’re finding it difficult to do so. This spring has propelled us all from our normal lives into isolation and social distancing, and it has become clear that while the creative sector is often considered a “non-essential” sector, the arts have become an important part of our new daily lives. The arts have been propelled into a new virtual realm where they offer a support system for distance learning, a therapeutic break for many, and a glimmer of hope for those facing impossible hardships and losses.

It is for these reasons, that we are asking for your support. In order to continue to fulfill our mission, we must continue to employ our staff and bear the overhead costs that allow us to operate. These basic costs are the foundation that allows us to do so many great things for our community. We want to be ready when things open up - when we can gather, and enjoy music and art together again. We can’t wait to celebrate with you – whether it’s a concert, exhibition, or art fair – we’re excited to see you there and encourage you to stay creative, support your local community, and give back to the arts.  

All gifts are critical at this time. A gift of as little as $5 a month ($60/year) makes a major impact for our organization. If every one of our e-news readers made a monthly gift of just $5, our basic expenses would be covered throughout the year. 


Torey Mishoe
Executive Director

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