Brighter Futures

by Homeword

Empower 500 Montanans like Karsten through our programs

“We were living in a 1980’s decently run down trailer. I knew my family needed a healthier place to live. As a single mom with a full time job and pets, it also had to be turnkey and low maintenance. It was daunting. 
I looked at the Homeword Montana Street home and just knew it was the place. Julie at Homeword accommodated my busy schedule with financial classes and the homebuyer course. She also made me feel really comfortable talking about my budget. 
I am no longer worried about the next thing that needs to be repaired or the health and quality of our living environment. I feel freer and less tied down.”
Please join our Founding Director, Ren Essene, in giving to the Brighter Futures campaign.
"I’m excited to kick off the Brighter Futures campaign with a $2,500 gift. As Homeword's founder, I’m happy to pledge my sustaining support of Homeword. I invite you to join me, as you invite your friends to join you!" 

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