Home for the Holidays

by Homeword

Give Montanans Like Becky Financial Confidence and Safe Homes for the Holidays

Financial stability and safe, healthy homes Montanans can afford are essential to the strength of our communities.

They’re especially critical during a global pandemic that threatens people’s health, jobs, relationships and stability.

1,900 Montanans live in our rental homes, including Veterans, local workers, 370 seniors, 390 people with disabilities and 600 children. Our programs, now online, empower over 1,200 people a year.

Your gift helps: 

  • Families live within their budgets
  • Workers save for the future
  • Kids have stable places to sleep 
  • Keep our elders secure

Becky is a resident of our Starner Gardens senior homes.

“After my husband of 40.5 years passed away, I moved. I really like it here. It’s very comfortable and I’m able to afford to live here.  

When our kids came to visit last Christmas, the girls bought things they knew I’d like and helped me setup my kitchen and bath. We’ve already made memories here.

I tell my kitty, ‘Gracie, this is our home now.’ It’s a match made in heaven. A blessing all around.”

Montanans like Becky (and Gracie!) thank you for your gift.

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