Diabetes Management Care Fund

by Hudson River Health Care

With one in ten New Yorkers currently living with diabetes, HRHCare is committed to helping our patients manage their blood sugar. HRHCare offers simple blood sugar tests to detect if someone is prediabetic and provides nutrition counseling and medication that can help manage or even reverse the diagnosis. Prediabetes puts our patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Poorly controlled diabetes can affect every organ in a person’s body, especially the eyes. Over 5 million adults have diabetes-related complications that affect sight and over 900,000 have a diagnosis of blindness as a result. HRHCare has implemented a free, in-house service called EyePACS to capture any potential eye problems and prevent potential blindness for our patients with diabetes.

Donations to HRHCare's Diabetes Management Care Fund help patients living with diabetes and prediabetes regulate their blood sugar levels and be on the way to maintaining a healthy, active life!  

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