In this together: Emergency Assistance

by Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, Inc

Can you help our immigrant neighbors through this crisis?

Human Rights Initiative has always been about community and celebrating the best of humanity: our clients have had the courage to escape abuse and persecution. Hundreds of you volunteer your resources, skills, and time in solidarity. Together, we are a community of shared values of compassion, justice, generosity, and hope. We know that none of us can be reduced to the worst that happens in our lives, and all of us have something important to contribute.

Today, we are all living through a moment fraught with fear and need. As we experience isolation, let us remind each other that we are not alone

Your friends at HRI are planning ways to support you, our community, with check in calls and virtual gatherings (more on this soon!). We look forward to talking with you in coming days. We hope to check in with as many of you as possible, just to see how you're getting by. 

We hope that if you have resources to spare, you'll help us support our clients who are vulnerable to unemployment, food shortages, lack of medical care, and the ongoing assault on our immigration system--as of today, deportations continue. Immigrant survivors are resourceful people who have overcome tremendous hardships, but HRI's clients will be hit harder by current challenges than most: many have limited English proficiency and are far from family, all have experienced trauma, and all live below 150% or federal poverty guidelines. Last year, that meant about $38,000 for a family of four--not much cushion there. And unlike citizens, immigrants without status are not eligible for the social safety net available to many of us. They are working hard to begin new lives, and we are here as a bridge to that brighter future. Can you help?

Like all human beings and human institutions, HRI is both strong and fragile. 

We need community to weather life's storms. 

You give us hope and faith, and we are glad to be in this with you.

If you can consider instituting a monthly gift, 

you can help us stay strong no matter what comes.

Thank you.


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Thank you for your support.

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