HPCA Scholarship Fund

by Hunting Park Christian Academy

Tuition at HPCA is kept low and only covers approximately 35% of our total operating expenses. We are committed to raising the other portion through donations. We want quality, Christian education to remain an option for our families, regardless of their income.

We have many layers of scholarships at our school:

  • Grant-In-Aid (Affordable Tuition Scholarship): Our full tuition amount (cost of educating each student) is $4,750 per year. However, when a family turns in proof of income, they receive a grant-in-aid reducing their payment to $2,400 per year (lower for additional siblings).
  • Sibling Discount Scholarship: Families pay $240 for their first child, $160 for their second child and $110 for the third child per month.
  • Income-Based Scholarship: These scholarships assist lower-income parents for whom the above scholarship are not enough.
  • Hardship Scholarship: These scholarships assist parents who may have experienced a life change (loss of job, divorce, illness, etc.) that makes it difficult for them to afford full tuition payments.

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