Our Year End Campaign #WeDiaperDallas

by Every baby deserves a clean diaper. Especially now.

Every baby deserves a clean diaper...

1 in 3 families struggle to maintain a sufficient diaper supply. No mother should have to weigh the importance of having enough diapers against other essentials such as food or housing. But with no government safety net programs to supplement, the practice of "stretching" (the reuse or recycle of diapers) is a reality that can jeopardize the physical health of a child as well as the mental health of the mother. And the impact of doesn’t end there. Because, daycare centers generally will not accept a child unless the family provides sufficient diapers, a child's access to adequate daycare and mother’s capacity to generate income or go to school is compromised.

Diapers do make a difference.

By supporting our year-end campaign, you can help eradicate this “diaper desert” experience in our community. 

If you believe every baby deserves a clean diaper, help us reach our goal of 12,500. Make your tax-deductible contribution to ilooklikeLOVE today and thank you.

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