by IGNITE Worldwide

Click here to learn why IGNITE Worldwide is the answer to gender equity in STEM (Media Kit). 

It's back to school time at IGNITE Worldwide! We need your help to raise $100k to support 20 schools in need.

It's simple. We need 100 donations of $1,000 or more to reach our goal!

Now more than ever it is critical to support IGNITE - our program is fully virtual this year and girls need IGNITE events. IGNITE Worldwide is systemically building a pipeline of talent to achieve a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce. 

Help support girls from underfunded schools and become a member of the #IGNITEImpact100! As a member, your name will be displayed on IGNITE Worldwide's website. 

Here's how to join:

  1. Donate $1,000 or more today
  2. Fundraise $1,000 or more - click here to start your fundraising campaign

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