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by Kisa Kids

Imamia Education Center Inc (doing business as Al-Kisa Foundation & Kisa Kids) is a registered 501c3 non-profit in the United States. Donations made to our organization are tax-deductible and khums/zakat eligible.

Your donation helps us spread education by:

  • providing educational support for reverts, families, and incarcerated Muslims
  • supporting masaajid and scholars in spreading Islamic education 
  • distributing educational resources to underprivileged populations worldwide 
  • creating more original content, such as stories, manuscripts, brochures, and artwork! 


"I support Kisa Kids because it’s an amazing organization which has provided countless tools and resources for raising our children. Their captivating and beautifully illustrated books plant the seeds of love and understanding of the Ahlulbayt. From the colorful board books that my toddler loves to sit and look at, to stories of our Prophets and Imams that my older son loves to read - they cover it all. "

-Amber Zaidi, Michigan, US

"Kisa Kids has been such a great asset in my journey with teaching my children about Islam! I have lined up my daughter’s book shelf with Islamic books and she is most attracted to the book’s published by Kisa Kids! She loves reading all of their books from the Hakima and Hadi board book to The Name Chronicles graphic novel! I am so grateful to Kisa Kids for creating content for my children to be able to connect with our prophets and imams in a developmentally appropriate way. Alhamdullilah!"

- Reem Nehme, San Jose, CA

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