I AM Impact Community Mural

by Impact NW

Help us Transform the Dancing Tree Resource Center!

As part of I AM Impact, Impact NW's Ambassador Board is hosting a community art event as a way to connect our Impact NW community while physically distancing. First, we need your help to create the canvas!

Goal: Create a community art piece painted by community members through a paint-by-number approach. Design direction shown.

Execution:  Outline will be created on-site at the Dancing Tree Family Center and community members will select a color from a predetermined color palette. Participants will schedule a time over the weekend of May 8th to come by and paint a section of the design their designated color. Community members can participate individually or in groups of no more than five (5), adhering to all local COVID guidelines.   

About the Dancing Tree Resource Center: The resource center provides trauma-informed care to community members seeking Impact NW services. 

About the Ambassador Board: Impact NW's Ambassador Board is comprised of young professionals using their professional skills to promote and assist Impact NW's mission to end homelessness.

What's Next?

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  • Sign up to paint the design on May 8th and/or 9th here!

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