by Independent Shakespeare Co.

ISC is creating a brand new musical!  

Help us to get the show up-and-running. Your donation will help us to make the show the best it can be and you get to be part of the very first production. A new musical has additional costs that we can't cover simply through ticket sales (think music transcription, recording, wireless microphones, better speakers, additional choreography, and expanded design elements). What's more, we have some great perks to offer our donors.

THE SCENE: Post-World War I Germany. The economy’s in free-fall, and progressive forces are locked in battle with the rising tide of fascism. No liberal stronghold is better fortified than Berlin: a city that welcomes misfits, artists, and free thinkers.

THE PROTAGONIST: Expressionist dancer Anita Berber, a one-woman rebellion against a stiff German patriarchy. Her life burns with a furious heat, drawing those around her into a vortex as intoxicating as rose petals soaked in ether. 

Based on a true story, the original ISC musical, Anita Berber is Dead! follows Anita’s struggle to explode artistic boundaries. Defiant and extreme, her work reached its apotheosis in the stunning, strange, and ultimately doomed creation: “Dances of Vice, Horror and Ecstasy”.

Your support helps ISC develop this hot and immersive piece of theater, transforming the Studio into the Weisse Maus nightclub on the very night of Anita’s triumphant return to the stage. (The performance includes nudity, explicit language, depictions of drug use, and sexual situations.)

Thank you for your contribution!  Perks on the right of this page.

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