Powerful Voices

by Indianapolis Recorder Charities Inc

In recognition of 125 years of excellence, we’re celebrating Powerful Voices. 

Powerful Voices supports the JAWS program, which helps young students of color begin their career pursuit through journalism and writing opportunities with The Indianapolis Recorder. 

We’ve launched this effort to inspire and invest in the students of color, providing broadcast media, writing and journalism careers in minority communities, right here in Indianapolis. The future of our work–not just of the Indianapolis Recorder–but the future of journalism itself depends upon these talented young people, and they depend on you.

The writing and journalism field needs distinct and compelling voices. 

Voices who bring diversity and perspective to our profession. We have achieved what very few knew we could, we want to ensure that many more will. Investing in our children makes a difference for our future.

Because of you, our future is Powerful Voices. 

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