Ramadan 2021: Uplifting Truthtellers, Nurturing Communities


This Ramadan, you can provide guidance to policymakers, communities, and decision-makers by funding research and education on American Muslims.

Almost 20 years ago, ISPU was created to meet a need for clear, accurate, and quality research on American Muslims. After 9/11, we needed research to empower communities, to guide institutions, to illuminate decision-makers. Today, we find ourselves in a different crisis—the second year of a global pandemic during which American Muslims are rising to the call of community. Through our Community in the Time of Corona project, we discovered American Muslims are promoting healthcare access and providing vital resources to those who most need them. Now, ISPU needs your help uplifting another essential service: trustworthy, timely research. 

ISPU’s work uplifts truthtellers across fields and backgrounds and nurtures communities around the country. Now, more than ever, we need to stand firm, together, to address the issues facing our country.

Thank you for donating in the way your budget permits and for investing in a future that shines a light on vital research.

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