1.1 Million Dollars for 1.1 Million Students

by IntegrateNYC

Did you know that New York City’s 1.1 million students attend one of the country’s most segregated school systems? IntegrateNYC was born to change that. 

IntegrateNYC is a youth-led organization that stands for real integration and equity. The student leaders of the movement have been at the forefront of dismantling segregation in NYC’s public school system for the last 5 years. 5 whole years! 


With the recent adoption of 62 of our policies behind us, we find ourselves gearing up for the next 5 years of advocacy, action, and transformation.


We have launched a campaign to raise 1.1 million dollars for the 1.1 million students in NYC over the next five years to support our vision for youth-led equity. 

No matter the amount, your donation supports us in leading the next 5 years of the integration movement. 

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