Youth Aid Fund

by IntegrateNYC

The fight for school integration has always been based in advocating for the most vulnerable populations to have equitable and just resources. Our communities have always been our top priority, so we’ve turned on high gear to support our city. In order to adequately support the people around us, we need to turn internally and make sure NYC students are safe and taken care of. 

Unfortunately, too many of our community have been left out. Immigrants and older students were not included in the federal relief bill, and many students of all ages and families are in need of immediate support. 

This is why we are launching our emergency Youth Aid Fund.

We are currently living in unprecedented times, and as a result are feeling the direct impact of the failing systems we live under. It’s becoming more apparent that we need to tune into our communities and advocate for meaningful systems change together. Everyone deserves to be well, pandemic or not, and we believe we can be a great support during this time.

The Youth Aid Fund will provide students direct cash grants to cover costs in three major areas:

1) Mental and medical health care

2) Groceries

3) Phone / Wifi bills 

It’s clear that these times are impacting lives in different ways, and we plan on being a meaningful resource for the people that make our programs and visions possible. We appreciate your help in providing this direct support to our community. 


Additional Details: Resources will be first come first serve, and we will prioritize students 17-24 who are dependents and undocumented youth since neither were included in any direct federal relief funds. The application form will be available for anyone in need and will ask for contact information and type of support needed. With information kept private, we will make sure our students and greatest advocates' wellbeing is being prioritized.

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