2020 Capital Campaign

by International Child Advancement

You too can help us give a Hand Up (not a Hand Out) to the children we support at GUAOA Orphanage!

This year, our goal is to raise $20,000 to purchase a small building, an additional small plot of land, desks, chairs, sewing machines and additional supplies to expand our 3 Vocational Training Programs: Sewing, Computer Training and Agricultural Programs.  

By providing the orphanage with a space of their own, they will have a secure location to not only store all the machines/equipment but also they can increase the frequency of classes offered and open it up to the public. 

These Vocational Training Programs are vital to our goal of ensuring the orphans advance to a future of self-sufficiency: they can make revenue from these programs to help them cover operational costs and their needs (food, medicine, clothing). Additionally, when they graduate and/or leave the orphanage, they can use the skills they learned through the programs to either gain employment or start their own business.  

Will you join us in giving the children of GUAOA a Hand Up (Not a Hand Out)?

All donations (no matter the size) are welcome!

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