Emergency Relief Fund

by The Rian Immigrant Center (fiscal sponsor for BICC)

Dear Friends,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rian Immigrant Center is committed to supporting the immigrant community in Massachusetts.

We ask, if you are able, to please donate to our new relief fund that provides direct financial assistance to immigrant families, so they can buy groceries for their families, pay their rent, and find stability in this time of great uncertainty. We have been receiving emergency donations, buying and distributing grocery cards in the past two weeks and the process is working well.

Immigrant and refugee families are especially vulnerable at this time as many work in frontline jobs in healthcare, and food services, while others have lost their jobs, and income. They are the backbone of support to our country during this time, and yet they have been left out of the stimulus bill, and are not receiving the support they need during this unprecedented time.

Your generosity can help alleviate the hardship faced by many. We are deeply grateful for your continued support as we continue to provide pathways to new safety, stability and new beginnings.

These are challenging times. Stay well and let's winter through this together.

In gratitude,

Ronnie Millar

Executive Director

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