Stronger Together Fitness Challenge

by Isabel's House

This is a fun but challenging workout fit for individuals or partners at all gym types, from your typical gym to a fire house gym! All proceeds go to helping strengthen families and care for children ages 0-12 who are the most vulnerable in our community. Email Kristin Mallett ( to get the workout or to see how you can get involved!

Families have all different reasons for seeking out help from Isabel’s House. For whatever reason they come, whether it’s a temporary bump in the road such as a hospital stay for one of the parents, or something more encompassing like homelessness, Isabel’s House is there with open arms to help support the family in every way. Their children receive 24-hour care in a safe, nurturing environment, and with the help of a family advocate they are connected with the resources they need to stabilize and strengthen their family.

Our favorite thing about Isabel’s House is that it is preventative--parents are coming on their own accord. It’s hard to ask for help, but having this wonderful organization available truly prevents child abuse and neglect not only in the moment, but down the line as well. Families are supported during their child’s stay, and the year after, keeping a connection with Isabel’s House. Just knowing someone cares makes all the difference!

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