IHT Virtual Summer Benefit Brunch Campaign

by Island Housing Trust

Crisis has a way of sharpening focus and bringing into stark relief the things that matter.

Since 2006 Island Housing Trust has worked with the single goal of addressing the housing crisis on Martha’s Vineyard by developing and building attainable housing that’s within financial reach of the average year-round wage earner.

Now the Island and its residents face another crisis: the COVID-19 virus. Residents are being asked to shelter at home when many of them do not have a permanent place to live. These are the same people we are calling on as essential workers during this crisis: first responders, health care providers, public servants and food service workers. Now, more than ever, we need to remain steadfast in our commitment to housing our Vineyard neighbors.

IHT is the leading non-profit builder of permanently affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard—creating 102 homes for year-round Island residents to date. Every day we demonstrate our resilience and dedication to our core mission to end housing insecurity on our island.

Our work is more urgent than ever and its success is dependent on you!

Each summer for the past 8 years we have invited people to join us at our benefit brunch, our only fundraising event, to introduce them to our mission. Because of COVID-19 we cannot gather in person this year but, we are replacing this wonderful event with a virtual brunch on this Give Lively platform.

Please help us continue our mission and Donate Today on this site as a one-time or monthly donation, or as a multi-year pledge at ihtmv.org/donate.

And next year, we look forward to inviting you back to our in-person brunch at Farm Neck Golf Club!

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