IsraAID Emergency Response Fund

by IsraAID

Current Emergency Response: Coronavirus Outbreak

In addition to two shipments of protective medical gear to Chinese hospitals, IsraAID is preparing to launch stress management webinars for frontline health workers in China and assessing the situation in South Korea, the second worst-affected country by the disease after China. IsraAID's global missions are also assessing the situation as the crisis progresses. In Greece, our team working with refugee communities is focusing on awareness-raising and hygiene promotion activities, including translating relevant WHO materials into Persian and Arabic.

Worsening Situation for Refugees in Lesbos, Greece

Recent developments have led to rising tensions among refugee and host communities in Greece. After the Turkish government opened its borders for the first time since 2016 - allowing refugees to depart for Europe - increasing numbers have attempted to enter Greece. This comes at a particularly fragile time, with the Greek government attempting to reduce the numbers of new refugee arrivals and restrict opportunities for refugees to apply for asylum. IsraAID's team on the ground is currently monitoring the situation and preparing to respond based on both the needs on the ground and the safety & security of both our team and the refugee population that we work with.


Background to the Emergency Response Fund

Since 2001, IsraAID’s specialist teams have responded to disasters in every corner of the world, providing emergency medical care, post-trauma mental health support, relief items, and water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

Our ability to bring that aid to communities in need relies on quickly galvanizing financial support. Yet emergency response funding is often tied to media attention: once the news cycle moves on, humanitarian organizations are forced to follow.

In 2017, IsraAID launched its Emergency Response Fund to shift this paradigm. Now, IsraAID’s teams can deploy to wherever they are needed, without waiting for seed funding. By reaching affected communities sooner, we can save more lives and have a greater impact.

Now, more than ever, with frequent crises occurring across the globe, we need your help to guarantee IsraAID’s rapid response to disasters and emergencies worldwide. Please donate today.

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