James Vick Foundation Fundraiser 2021

by James Vick Foundation Inc

Dedicated to providing free sports programming to any and all who need it, the James Vick Foundation (JVF) seeks to provide every child in our community the opportunity to play. In the last two years, we have served almost 2,000 children. You, and your fellow community members who understand and value the benefit of youth athletics are the key to us expanding that to even more.

For many children and young adults, youth sports have been inaccessible. Cost is a significant factor. The James Vick Foundation was established as a solution, offering free athletics programs.

Like you, we could not have foreseen the impact of the pandemic and what a post-pandemic world would look like for the families of our youth athletes. In that world, the cost of youth sports will be too much for many families to support. Systemic inequities now have a light shining on them. You’re concerned. So are we.

In a world that is struggling to stand on its feet, the James Vick Foundation provides relief. Now more than ever, our mission, and our programming, is a vital community service. We offer free leagues, clinics, and tournaments safely with strict prevention protocol in place. You make these events, and our ability to keep your children safe, possible through your support of JVF!

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