Corporate Sponsorships

by Jazz Outreach Initiative

Corporate Sponsors know the impact they can have on a social cause and when businesses "JOIn" together in support of charitable efforts, they show leadership in the community and enjoy prestige and return on that investment.  We welcome your generous support in whichever category best matches your level of passion and ability.

Jazz Outreach Initiative is dedicated to partnering with local and regional businesses and fellow nonprofits to bring jazz education and outreach programs to our community and to building a world class jazz culture in Southern Nevada both now and through the next generation of artists, performers, teachers, and audience members.  

All sponsorships are credited towards JOI's general fund unless specifically restricted upon written notice to JOI's Executive Director, Donny Thompson.  Financials, IRS determination letter, and other documents also available on request to

Jazz Outreach Initiative is a GuideStar Gold rated charity.

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