Support For United Hebrew Temple of Benton, IL

by Camp Ben Frankel

10/14/20 Update:

We're blown away and inspired by the outpouring of support! Thank you! Although we've surpassed our fundraising goal, the additional contributions remain extremely helpful for many reasons including: 

  • we are still getting estimates for the full costs to repair or replace items such as the windows -- as well as the cost to install protective plexiglass
  • some of the new security equipment will include ongoing costs for monitoring and backup  

10/12/20 Update:

We've raised the fundraising goal to reflect an increase in estimated repair costs as well as new, previously undiscovered damages. 

Original post:

Help us raise funds to support United Hebrew Temple of Benton Illinois. The funds will be used to repair damage from recent vandalism, to purchase security equipment, and to replace electronics used to conduct prayer services.

The first $1,500 raised will be matched dollar for dollar. 

On the morning of Friday, October 9th, 2020, it was discovered the United Hebrew Temple of Benton, Illinois had been vandalized. Ten beautiful stained glass windows were broken. Prayerbooks and kippot (religious head coverings) were thrown on the floor. The kitchen was also vandalized. 

This was the third incident in less than a month. Approximately 10 days earlier there was a break-in and electronic equipment used to help with prayer services was stolen. Two windows were broken in a separate occurrence two weeks earlier. 

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