Zero Waste Donation

by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

***Donation should be made only after getting your event application approved***

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is proud of our commitment to being zero waste in our offices and our events. Hosting 10 major events annually with over 200-500 attendees would traditionally generate hundreds of pounds of landfill waste but we plan ahead to reduce solid waste from the event, reuse various elements (such as banners), and set up Zero-Waste Stations for those recyclable and compostable materials. We use our events as an opportunity to educate attendees on methods and resources to reduce their personal landfill footprint.

In collaboration with GoZERO Services and Hamilton County Recycling & Solid Waste District, we are able to offer assistance to local events pursuing zero waste. KCB will provide the supplies and services necessary to support organic waste diversion for a suggested donation of $50 or $75 (depending on event size).

GoZero Services will charge an additional fee for contamination (non-compostable materials getting mixed in). Please have staff or volunteers ensure the compost was sorted correctly before dropping off the waste. Your organization may be subject to contamination fees.

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