Charity Warriors Challenge

by Kids in Tech

Kids in Tech is part of Charity Warriors Challenge for 2019.  This Challenge helps women who are passionate ambassadors of  nonprofits  lead teams to raise money and awareness for their causes - while competing for an invitation to a pitch event, and a $10,000 prize.  

Help us expand our afterschool tech club program to reach kids in under resourced communities and ensure our future tech leaders and creators come from everywhere.

 Our afterschool program partners with schools and youth development organizations to provide technology education to children ages 8-14. Kids learn everything from typing to coding and much in our programs. These courses culminate in a final project presentation in which students showcase the skills they have learned. They also go to local business and colleges to meet people pursuing or working in computer and technology jobs.     

We couldn't do this work without your support.

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Kids in Tech 

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