KYCC COVID-19 Fundraiser - Support Local Restaurants - Hot Meals for Elders in Koreatown

by Koreatown Youth and Community Center




KYCC launched a critical food and essentials delivery program to serve Koreatown elders isolated and impacted by COVID-19. 

We will deliver hot meals—made by and purchased from local Koreatown restaurants—three times a week. We will also be giving away groceries—generously provided by our partners at the Karsh Center—and other essentials weekly.


KYCC has received hundreds of requests asking for support during the COVID-19 crisis. 


Small businesses have been hit hard—the mom-and-pop shops and restaurants that make up the heart of Koreatown—are struggling to stay open and pay their loyal employees. 


Our neighborhood’s most vulnerable population—our elders and medically compromised—have been mandated to isolate. Some of them cannot get their basic needs met.


We have also heard from you: How can we help? 


KYCC joined hands with our longstanding government, corporate and community partners. But we are also partnering with YOU. By raising funds, we will buy additional meals from businesses that are hurting, and bring them right to the doorsteps of those in need. 


Please consider donating and helping us serve the neighbors in the neighborhood that we ❤️! 

$10 = One Hot Meal

$10 = One Bag of Groceries and Essential Supplies

To learn more about how you can help, please visit our volunteer page.  

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