Save Zeus' 9th Life

by Kudzu Cat Alliance

Zeus, or Zeus the Wondercat as he is called by our vet, has had a very rough time of it. Originally trapped to find out why he was limping, he was also diagnosed with lungworms, so we kept him to treat those. After his breathing did not improve he went in for a followup exam, where a diaphragmatic hernia was discovered. His liver was in his chest cavity, crowding his lungs. A very risky surgery ensued, which he miraculously survived. Then he became anemic and required a transfusion. He was also jaundiced from the liver trauma and required subcutaneous fluid therapy. 

Each thing that was thrown at him he fought and survived. He may have used up eight of his lives, but we thought he was out of the woods.

Then we noticed his breathing had become labored again. More x-rays revealed that the hernia repair had failed... there had not been much tissue to make the repair, and it was unable to hold up to being stretched back together. Now his stomach, colon, and part of his liver are in his chest cavity. In order to repair it a second time he will either have to have a mesh implanted, or new diaphragm tissue created by using muscle from another location. The amazing veterinary angels at Town and Country West were able to perform the first surgery, but this one requires a specialist.

We've already spent more than $2000 getting him to this point. The estimate for this new surgery ranges from $3–5k. That is a lot for a small, 100% donation-funded organization like ourselves. We need to raise at least $3500 in order to be able to proceed with the surgery. Zeus is experiencing a good deal of respiratory distress, and it is impossible to say how long he might be able to survive like this.

He is such a sweet boy, and he has so much fighting spirit. Everyone who meets him loves him. He deserves to have another chance... can you help us save his 9th life?

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