Surgery for Sargie: A beloved community kitty in Mableton needs help!

by Kudzu Cat Alliance

Sargie lived the first few years of his life as a feral hiding out of sight of humans. Luckily, in the fall of 2018, he wandered into a trap and was TNRed through the Cobb County Community Cat Program. Since then, with love and patience, he has become a cheerful community cat loved by the neighborhood, especially his caretaker Sarah. While he doesn’t have any interest in living indoors, he is well cared for and spends his days napping in the flowers and asking for catnip. He takes good care of his small neighborhood kitty colony, made up of his friends Claire, Snosey, Gray Bear, and Tippy. 

Recently, Sargie began drooling excessively. Sarah took him to the vet where they realized the issue: a large ranula under his tongue. Sargie has a tear somewhere in one of his salivary glands, so saliva leaks out into the soft tissue of his mouth, making a large, bulbous cyst. This keeps Sargie from being able to keep his tongue inside his mouth, and keeps him from being able to groom himself. As the ranula grows, it becomes more and more difficult for Sargie to eat. It rubs against his teeth and bleeds, which recently lead to an infection being treated by Town and Country West. 

To fix this issue, Sargie will need to have his salivary gland removed at the University of Georgia. Luckily, once he has the surgery he should make a complete recovery and will go back to being the gorgeous garden boy he was before. The problem is the surgery is very specialized and thus expensive. UGA has quoted Kudzu Cat Alliance $2200-$3800, depending on the complexity of the removal of the gland, which they won’t know until he is already admitted for surgery. 

Sargie’s recent exam showed him to be an otherwise healthy kitty, strong heart and lungs, and combo test negative! His caretaker is working with her neighbors to raise funds, but many of their plans are on hold while social distancing is taking place. We want to help Sargie get his surgery as soon as possible to avoid any further complications. 

If you are financially stable, please consider donating to this special boy’s very special surgery. Any funds raised over the final cost of the surgery will be used by Kudzu Cats to help more of Cobb County’s community cats. 

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