#GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Campaign 2020

by Listen to Kids

With more kids than ever experiencing all kids of abuse, help us start 2021 STRONG. 

Our dream of being able to provide child abuse AWARENESS, PREVENTION, AND TREATMENT is being fulfilled more and more every day.

We hope to have enough funding to complete each of these projects.  

1. We're hoping to support a family who is in the middle of a battle against child abuse by paying for physical and emotional needs.

2. We're putting together a high-quality Restorative Yoga workshop for youth mental health providers in our area.  We can reach up to 10 providers in one session for $200.  We predict our area will need three or more of these sessions, based on the interest we've received from our partner institutions.

3. We'd like to begin offering to pay for treatment for adult survivors of child abuse, especially if they have kids themselves.  Abuse is cyclical if not addressed, and yet treatment is expensive & sometimes difficult to find.  Many of the homeless youth at Covenant House NOLA already have kids of their own.  Help us interrupt this vicious cycle.

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