2018-19 Launch Campaign!

by Let's Empower, Advocate, and Do (LEAD), Inc.

About this campaign

Our #LaunchCampaign was inspired by a vision: to get LEAD's Health Educator Toolkit, as seen on Boston's ABC-TV News Affiliate, into the hands of every health educator in the United States!

LEAD’s Health Educator Toolkit provides school districts with a cost-effective and innovative solution to address rising rates of school dropout, substance use, and #suicide among adolescents. Despite the variation in these issues, evidence points to one underlying cause: untreated mental illness!

LEAD’s Health Educator Toolkit empowers youth to utilize coping skills when experiencing mental illness and encourages youth to seek treatment before experiencing a crisis. The toolkit's TryHealth curriculum supplement and online HealthLab are also predicted to save districts $300K annually!

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