LifeStriders Derby Days 2020

by LifeStriders

COVID-19 may have much of the world standing still, but the individuals who depend on LifeStriders to help manage their special needs are still running their races, and need your help so they can continue reaching their goals!  

From now through May 5th, when you place your donation on one horse and rider's name, that team will advance on their track with every donation they get. The first team to reach the finish line first on May 5th, 2020 will be announced as the winner.

LifeStriders provides an innovative and unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner in psychological, physical, and occupational therapies and equine facilitated treatments.

​Serving over 180 individuals with special needs each week including children, teens, adults, seniors, military veterans, and their families, LifeStriders is embraced as more than a therapy center. Our clients describe our campus as their “happy place”, their gym, their playground, and their adventure. Whether they’re in the arena or outdoors on 23 acres of fields and trails, they are able to socialize, rise above their limitations, learn to walk, talk, stand tall with friends, and make lasting life strides. 

LifeStriders is their Churchill Downs. Here is your chance to support LifeStriders "jockeys" as they run for the roses. 

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