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by Literacy Inc.

From parents to literacy advocates.

From readers to leaders. 

We are breaking chains of illiteracy together as a community!

Despite every challenge, our commitment to defending children’s access to books and literacy is resolute. A global pandemic has changed our approach but not stopped us from doing what we have done for the past 24 years - bringing people together to create a vibrant community that supports children in learning how to read and, more importantly, to love reading. You are part of this story.

We need your support to continue building communities that transform families and families that transform communities. 

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“When the pandemic hit, it was a scary time but LINC didn’t leave us. It continued not only to engage in programs for children but for us caretakers as well...The pandemic also affected our family directly. My dad passed away in August and although my dad was unable to read and write until much later in life, he always motivated us to learn. As immigrants, my parents had many doors shut in their face. I grew up seeing them struggle and did as much as I could to help. Now, I’m able to help other immigrant families in my community.”  -- Gladys Gomez, LINC Very Involved Parent  

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