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by Tenement Museum

Update December 31 2020

It’s an understatement to point out that we are living through troubled times: an intensifying pandemic, a deteriorating economy, a failure of government, a doubtful commitment to social justice, and the erosion of a shared sense of national identity. These uncertainties speak to the importance of the Museum’s work. We’ve been able to cut costs since last March but we need to remain visible to generate the philanthropic support on which the Museum’s future depends. Thank you for your continued generosity.


Update July 10 2020

The Museum is making long-term plans to reopen stronger when the pandemic loosens its hold. That means strengthening finances, deepening the scholarly research that underpins our work, and committing ourselves to stand against injustice and racism. Though the months ahead still remain uncertain for the Museum, we are sustained by the knowledge that the stories we tell are important to so many—around the country and around the world. We are deeply grateful for the support of all those who have contributed to our emergency appeal campaign, and all those who consider making gifts in the months to come as we plan for a safe re-opening.


Update April 24 2020

The recent The New York Times article about the steps we’re taking to get through these hard times generated a wonderful outpouring of support. We’re grateful to those who’ve supported this campaign; your generosity and passion for our work makes us confident for the Museum’s future. We’re now very much focused on reopening even stronger when circumstances allow; we need your continued help to do that. Thank you.

March 19 2020

These are extraordinary times. 
The Tenement Museum is an extraordinary place. 
The Museum faces an extraordinary crisis.  

The Museum represents a covenant across the generations. It’s a way we honor our obligation to those whose struggles made our lives possible; it’s a way we preserve their immigrant stories for the generations who will follow; it’s a way we help Americans understand the best ideals that unite us as a nation. It is a sacred trust.  

The Museum is a forever institution.  

But we’ve had to shut our doors—foregoing the earned revenue on which our work depends—and we’ve canceled the gala that is the heart of our fundraising. We need your help—now more than ever—to get us through this financial crisis. Please consider making a gift that will allow us to survive these unprecedented times, remain strong, and reopen when circumstances allow.  

Like the immigrants who made their homes at 97 and 103 Orchard Street, we are living through the stuff of history. It’s all the more important, therefore, that our response fits this moment.  

Please stay safe and healthy.  

Morris J. Vogel
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

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