Free the Laundry!

by Lutherhaven Ministries

About this campaign

Sherm Nelson, Clay Nelson’s dad, showed his son that the simple act of doing laundry for those in need is an amazing way to show Jesus’s love. 

Clay—a Camp Lutherhaven Resource Staff volunteer each summer and a Spokane high school social studies teacher the rest of the year—is honoring Sherm’s legacy with a Challenge Gift of up to $8000 for a Fifty-Year-Needed improvement to Lutherhaven’s facilities: The new Lutherhaven Laundry Center! Your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, to reach our $16,000 goal!

“Down in the bowels of Lutherhaven, in the deepest corners below the kitchen, hidden from the eyes of the general populace, is a dark, moldy, stale-smelling place where major camp cleaning occurs. In the ‘Dungeon’, dozens of volunteers each summer work used washers and dryers overtime in a continuous cycle of cleaning, drying, sorting and folding bedding, clothing, towels, sleeping bags and cleaning rags.”

Washing upwards of 600 sheets each summer camp week, not to mention all the laundry for 50 summer staff, plus the occasional sleeping bag and clothes for the camper who had the “accident”, is part of Lutherhaven’s constant effort to keep campers and guests happy and healthy.  

And it barely works," writes Clay.  

Thanks to Clay’s generosity and challenge, the old Lutherhaven Laundry Dungeon (and the moldy mustiness that dwells there) is going away for good, being replaced with camp’s new Lutherhaven Laundry Center!   

Improvements include:

  • A conveniently-located drive-up facility in the upstairs of the Lutherhaven Maintenance Building.  
  • Covered entry accessible by car, truck, or camp Gator 
  • Nearly 400 square feet of laundry space (compared to the old 150 feet) 
  • 4 each new, modern, and commercial washers and dryers 
  • Folding counters, lighting, seating…maybe even music and a deck of cards!


  • Lighting, Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Organization, Paint, Furnishings- $4000
  • 8 New COMMERCIAL laundry machines- $12,000

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