Sacred Spaces :: A Campaign for Lutherhaven

by Lutherhaven Ministries

In 1946, five families invested 50 dollars each to purchase twelve acres on Mica Bay and establish Camp Lutherhaven. Their vision was to create a Sacred Space of respite for families as service members returned from world war.

Now, as we approach 2021-- the 75th Anniversary of Lutherhaven Ministries-- all 120 acres of Camp Lutherhaven, Shoshone Mountain Retreat, and McPherson Meadows have once again become a gathering place for families. Because families can manage safety procedures while also enjoying God's creation along the shores of northern Idaho's waters, your camps have remained a Sacred Space for respite all summer.  

Lutherhaven has seen hard times these 75 years, but the last nine months of 2020 have been and will be among our hardest. Pandemic has forced camp to pivot from serving thousands of kids annually to a bless-ed handful of families seeking rest and hope in a weary and confusing world. We have been able to fulfill our divine purpose--but unable to keep up financially. 

Sacred Spaces. Sacred moments. Sacred family memories. Financial duress.

Fortunately, Lutherhaven is built on a strong foundation of faithful financial stewardship. We're confident God will see us through COVID-19, but need your help to sustain your camps so that--when safe once again--we can fling our doors wide and welcome back campers of every age.

Program income for 2020 is projected to be just 14% of 2019's total. Adjustments have been made to reduce expenses by 50% for the same period, but you can see the gap. Reducing expenses further affects our ability to make a rapid comeback. 

We need to raise $125,000 before the end of 2020 to sustain the Sacred Spaces of Lutherhaven Ministries and give your camps the stability to be ready with open arms to welcome campers of all ages when we are able. Plus, before we can wholly re-emerge next summer, January through May program income is projected to stay close to 2020 levels, meaning we need another $250,000 -- $50,000 per month -- to navigate so many unknowns and carry us through the first five months of 2021.  

Your investment will ensure a thriving Lutherhaven, supporting new ideas and programs to keep your camps firmly planted, with hearts and eyes open, hands ready to serve campers and share the good news of Jesus at every opportunity. 

Thank you for your prayerful generosity.  ❤︎

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