Autism Housing Network

by Madison House Autism Foundation

Our country faces a severe lack of supportive housing options conducive for adults with autism to achieve their highest level of independence. Not only does this result in a lower quality of life, it also means greater dependence on state support, amounting to a cost of more than $300 billion annually. We need to expand fiscally responsible supportive housing options across this country NOW.

We understand that no single organization can solve the housing crisis alone, and that one model is far from sufficient. Every individual with autism is unique, as are their preferences, abilities, ambitions and support needs. One size does not fit all. That is why our efforts are focused on jump-starting diverse housing projects across the country, removing barriers, and gathering experts from both private and public sectors to turn this challenge into an opportunity to create healthier, more inclusive communities.

The Autism Housing Network is the only national platform connecting emerging project starters with experts, best practices, and existing models. Each year, the AHN responds to over 500 requests for one-on-one housing guidance.

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