Pat Roddy Band Covid19 Shutdown Fundraiser

by Madonna House Inc., A Religious Association

Due to the governor's shutdown of all non-essential businesses, the thrift shop attached to Madonna House has been closed for the foreseeable future. The income that the thrift shop produces directly supports the Madonna house charity itself. Without this important source of income, Madonna house Inc will not be able to pay to support itself. As with any organization all of our work is done via volunteers, however, we still need to cover our expenses.Those bills don't pay themselves, and with the thrift shop having been closed since mid-March , we are quickly falling behind. Your donation today will help keep the lights on and the services provided to hundreds of families. It is only with your help that we will be able to continue to support the families that we have supported in the past, as well as, the multiple new families that will be seeking assistance from Madonna House due to the covid-19 outbreak. Thank you Pat Roddy band for helping to make this all possible!

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