2020 Fundraiser for 20+Prison Kirtans

by Call and Response Foundation

The Response Has Been Heard!

Funding Needed for 20+ Scheduled Prison Outreach Visits

Over the last year the Call and Response Foundation, in partnership with Kripa, Amy Barnes, Shantala, and Lily Cushman brought the practice of kirtan into 5 different prisons with a total of 13 visits. These visits have been profound and transformational. Please join the Call and Response Foundation in delivering the healing and heart opening practice of kirtan in prison. We are asking for your love and financial support to continue to deepen and grow our 2020 prison kirtan program.

Over the past year, due to the power of the chanting practice, the men at San Quentin Prison have formed a completely self-lead kirtan group comprised of all inmates, who meet regularly to practice. The Call and Response Foundation is dedicated to the growth and nurturing of these groups that serve as a beacon of hope and healing. We are asking you to invest in the spiritual practices and development of those who are asking for help. We need your help and financial support in overcoming the limiting barriers of access in bringing these practices to those serving time in prison. 

This initiative began in July of 2019 when the Call and Response Foundation and Kripa visited San Quentin State Prison to share in the practice of kirtan. The response was beautiful, deep, and heartfelt. In a post kirtan discussion, three men approached and told us that they had found so much benefit in the practice that they were starting a kirtan band and wanted advice and support. After the conversation, we realized that we could best help serve and be a part of their everyday practice though offering all of the essential instruments used in kirtan. We and the men at San Quentin would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who supported this call and donated to purchase a new harmonium and kartals and two dholaks to help further their dream. 

The response and effects have been heard. In 2020 we are looking to continue cultivating our relationships with the men and women whom we already serve, as well as increase our offering to more people and facilities. This will be accomplished with over 20 planned visits this year and we need your financial help and support!

All funds collected on this drive will be used for the Call and Response Foundation’s Prison Outreach Program. We are deepening our offering and fulfilling the requests of the people we serve through: providing information and instruction on Sanskrit pronunciation, leading kirtans and chant workshops, assisting and providing instruments for emerging prison kirtan groups, and greater access to the Sacred Teachings and Texts of Bhakti Yoga as well as providing travel stipends for presenters. 

Every dollar helps make these practices more accessible to a population largely dependent on this type of direct service. We have all benefited greatly from this practice and we are asking for your help in sharing its transformative power with those who are yearning for the opportunity to learn and transform. 

Thank you so much for your generosity and much love from,

The Call and Response Foundation, Kripa, Amy, Shantala, Lily and the satsang at Oregon State Correctional Institution(OR), MCI Norfolk(MA), San Quentin State Prison (CA), South Central Correctional Facility (TN) Riverbend Maximum Security Institution (TN)

Thank you so much for your support. Please take a moment to repost and share with your friends. If you have high-quality used instruments that you would like to donate, please email Scott@callandresponsefoundation.org


Kripa’s First Visit to San Quentin Summer ‘19 - Call and Response Foundation

Going into San Quentin Fall ‘19 with Kripa and Lily Cushman - Call and Response Foundation

Post Reflection of Kirtan @ San Quentin with Kripa and Lily Cushman - Call and Response Foundation

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