Instruments for San Quentin and Prison Outreach Fundraiser

by Call and Response Foundation

On October 25th, Kripa and the Call and Response Foundation visited San Quentin State Prison for the second time this year along with the wonderful Lily Cushman

It was an honor to be able to there in heartfelt devotional practice. And, due to your generous donations, we were able to give give a harmonium, a set of kartals, and two drums for the men at San Quentin. They were elated to receive them, and two of the guys said, "You know, we heard this may happen, but we didn't take it seriously because so many people have made unkept promises over the years." 


But the guys at San Quentin still need help. They have requested info on Sanskrit pronunciation, basic kirtan instruction, and greater access to the Sacred Teachings of Bhakti Yoga. Beyond this, your donation will help us to help bring these opportunities to other facilities. All funds collected will be used to help further our prison outreach. This includes bringing instruments to more facilities, leading kirtans and chant workshops with inmates, providing travel stipends to support our presenters, and enrichment and meditation materials for inmates with the Little Bit of Mantras and mala beads. 

Thank you so much for your support. Please take a moment to repost and share with your friends. If you have high-quality used instruments that you would like to donate, please email

Every dollar helps make these practices more accessible to a population who is largely dependent on this type of direct service. Please support the offering of this practice from which we have benefited so greatly to those who are yearning for the simple opportunity to learn and transform.

Thank you so much for your generosity


The Call and Response Foundation and Kripa and Lily

San Quentin Reflection Video

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